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hmm havent written in my journal for a long time.. this week's the exams week so i'll be rather busy. Lots of stress ;) wont be visiting deviantart too often until next week so that's that :D

hey i know i'm crapping but this is my journal afterall :p
trying out different styles in creating wallpapers whilst listening to this is the day - the cranberries :D
got my icon changed again
2day was mufti day at school (dun have 2 wear uniform) :D
new emoticons rawk!!
rofl :D :robo: :lick:
just came back from another vacation :)
got my website interfaced changed
go take a look
isit nice?
finally came back from chiang mai
wat an enriching experience :)
haha and just got down to makin some walls

got a day off from school today yay! :D
lucky me eh?
will be going to chiang mai (thailand) tomorrow (3-9May) with my school on some community service kinda stuff :S we're supposed to bring over some donations and help them paint their school etc.
hopefully i'll get some inspiration or take some nice photos there :)
dont suppose i'll be able to access the net over there so probably wont be accessing deviantART 4 a week awwwww...

arggg still no one adds me to devwatch :(
just went on a long lan session with my friends yesterday
uggg i'm quite tired out now ....

isit over yet?
bah, our team scored a goal
but on the wrong sided...
i'm such a slacker
(most unfortunately i must admit)
skipped WRCD celebration
to go watch some drama production

hehe :D
uh-o i lost my calculater
chinese test today
geog test tomorow
maths test thursday
another chinese test thursday
science test next week
history test next week

spin is:
:( bogged down with work :(
it's charity again.
sold bubble tea this time...
they were all snapped up realli fast :)
it's terrible to hear ppl quarreling shouting screaming scolding swearing all day long. At home, in school, on the streets.
it's terrible.
especially when you are part of it.
it's terrible.
Finally got down to writing another journal entry.
went to joo chiat this afternoon to take some photos for my project.
the weather was kinda swelling hot but it was rather fun anyhow...
celebrating my grandfather's birthday tonight :D
and yay we finally finished studying "emily of emerald hill",
going on to "merchant of venice" soon...

but also got back my test :(:(
very very bad
the bus again..

met with some super rude bus inspector this afternoon
thorough bad luck.

charity ice-cream @ $1....
yay! we sold sooo much
(at least more than expected)